A work of art is completed by the viewer.
– Marcel Duchampclosed-quotes

Why is art important and why do people buy art? How can I determine the value of a piece of art? What is the difference between a gallery and a dealer? How should I bid at an auction? what is a biennale ? Now that I have bought a piece of art, how do I display is correctly on my wall and how do I maintain it?

In partnership with Aura Art Development Pvt Ltd, our Art Appreciation workshops answer some of the above questions, as participants learn to deepen their observational skills and develop the courage to rely on their own eyes, mind, and emotional responses to interpret works of art. They understand the dynamics of the art market and get an insight into the current state of the indian and global art market. Participants are also guided on how on to build art collections and subsequently look after them through interactive and engaging demonstrations/ talks by professionals in the field. We help new and potential art buyers/ enthusiasts overcome hurdles they often face before and after buying a work of art and instil in them a sense of confidence to navigate the art market.



Below are the topics of various workshops we conduct

Once you have shown interest in the above workshops, we will contact you with further details on the date, location and time for the workshops.