The brilliance of art as a collectible is that it has a way of reaching out on an emotional level. It touches on mystery, even spirituality.
– Robert Gennclosed-quotes

Whether you are a novice needing to liven your empty walls in your home or office, or someone who has just started the exciting journey of art collection or an avid art collector seeking exquisite artworks to fill the gaps in your existing collection, the expertise of an art advisor can come a long way in helping you make sound decisions in the sometimes daunting and intimidating art world.

Artlinks focuses on advising clients in their acquisition of modern and contemporary art. The company specializes in promising artists working in all media, including paintings, sculptures and photographs.

At Artlinks, we want you to get as much pleasure as we do by transforming your surroundings with inspirational pieces of art – our interests are aligned with yours and we provide you with personalised service and objective and unbiased advice.

We strive to make the process of buying art as relaxed and enjoyable as possible by following a customised framework for you:

Step 1 : Understand client needs 

We are happy to visit your space for where the artworks are needed to better suggest artwork options that will complement your home or add vitality to your office space.

Step 2 : Provide a tailor made solution

we will make a detailed presentation of quality artwork options based on your brief and keeping in mind various constraints such as size, budget etc.

Step 3 : Assisting in making the acquisition

We will assist you in making a purchase decision after balancing the related considerations, including appropriateness of the artwork, quality and value. Ensure that every artwork purchased is accompanied by appropriate documentation, including authenticity certificate.

Step 4 : Post purchase assistance

We assist you in correctly installing the artwork in your home or office.



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