About Us

At Artlinks, our endeavour is to help art enthusiasts and potential collectors to develop an aesthetic eye for the arts, understand the growing interest in art as a collectible and enable them to build and manage their art collections.

Edgar Degas, the famous french impressionist painter known for his enchanting ballerina paintings once said, “Art is not what you see, it is what you make others see”. Through our Art Appreciation workshops we aim to empower individuals with tools and techniques that will enable them to independently critique works of art, rely on their own judgement and establish their own tastes and preferences. The workshops will also educate art enthusiasts on understanding the roles of various stakeholders in the art market and how they function, learn about art as an alternate investment asset and guide potential collectors on getting started with the journey of collecting and caring for their art.

Our Art advisory division focuses on guiding collectors to build and look after their collections. We carefully curate artworks based on the clients requirements and based on our network of artists from all over India, we provide access to the most interesting and promising artists from the country.

Meet the founder


Akanksha Nemani has been passionate about art ever since she can recall. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Management  from Cass Business School, London and then went on to do a diploma in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London and a course in Curating from Central St Martins. Having lived in a culturally rich and diverse city like London, she has been exposed to a plethora of galleries and museums. While there, she gained practical experience by working at many art fairs as a vetting scribe which involved checking the quality and authenticity of objects on display at the fair and noting decisions by the experts. She also had a stint at Artstack, a social media platform that enables people to share and discover new art.

After moving back to Mumbai in 2013, she has worked at Aura Art Development Pvt Ltd, a leading art promotion house, wherein she has handled a diverse portfolio for over 3 years – from assisting with planning and executing art shows, working with clients for building collections, spearheading the research and training division and contributing to the content creation for social media marketing, e-mailers and blogs for the company. In addition, she was also participated in a diverse range of art projects including documenting and databasing art collections, conservation and restoration of artworks.

Capitalising on her knowledge of the art world and understanding the current needs of the indian art market in particular, she founded Artlinks with an endeavour to educate people of the create power of art in modern culture, increase awareness of art as an alternate asset class and guide people who are inclined towards the arts to develop an aesthetic eye and assist them in building and managing their collections.